How do I contact you?
You can contact me at or use the contact form on this site for any questions that are not in this FAQ or just to say hello. I do enjoy waking up to a full inbox. 

Do you accept freelance work?
Yup. The types of work I do are mostly represented on my portfolio and my store. I do not participate in contests and I will not fill surveys or forms to apply for a project. 

How much does it cost to do X?
Please send me an e-mail explaining in detail what "X" is. I can't give you a price estimate without knowing the scope of the project and my responsibilities. Please keep in mind the bare minimum for which I accept any project is 3000 USD, sci-fi or gaming projects might get discounts. I don't have hourly rates, I charge per project.

What info do you need before accepting a project?
Before deciding on taking the project and giving you a price quote I need quite a bit of info. I need to know who you are (company, person etc), what the project is and what graphics you'll need, whether or not you have a deadline, and your budget if you have one. It also helps if you have any examples as reference. 
Don't just send me a mail with "We have a cool project we need your help with, would you be interested" and expect a reply. If it's a logo/rebranding show me some examples of what you like, I'm not really the best fit to make cutesy mascot logos so I need to know that I'm the right person for your needs so we can both be satisfied with the result.

We're a start-up / non-profit and we need your help but we don't have the budget.
I'm sorry to hear that. Feel free to contact me when you have the budget! I do great work when I'm paid.

How's your design process?
I'll start off by building drafts and discussing the roadmap with you. According to your feedback on the drafts I'll build the final product and discuss revisions with you. I don't have a limit on the number of revisions or alterations but I might revise the original design quote if I feel the project has gone on too long. I believe communication is key and will be asking for your input and opinion every step of the way.

How do you handle payments?
Half before, half after. Work begins after the initial payment. I can accept payments via Payoneer or Wire Transfers. I do not offer refunds unless I'm cancelling the project due to external issues.

I need an extended license for one of your fonts.
Contact me for broadcasting, software or company licenses for any of my fonts.

I run a site and want to give out your font for free for exposure. 
Absolutely not.

I'm a designer and I need help or advice.
I love helping out other designers, please feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.